K1 Visa Process

K-1 Visa Process

The K1 visa process commences with the American citizen filing the I-129F petition in the United States with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The package must have the needed forms, passport size photos, evidence of the relationship, and the letter of intent to get married. If the U.S. Citizen or the foreign […]

US Spouse Visa in Thailand

US Visa from Thailand

If a U.S. citizen is married to a Thai citizen, he/she can apply for a K3 visa for his/her spouse. The process for a K-3 visa takes bit longer than that of a K-1 visa but the process for obtaining U.S. citizenship may be faster. It is always best to speak to a US visa […]

K1 Visa in Thailand

K1 Visa in Thailand

If you have a Thai fiancĂ©e, we can assist you in the application process for a K1 visa in Thailand. Contact our office and speak to our immigration specialist about helping you start the K1 visa process in Thailand. The following is a basic guideline on the K1 visa process. The petitioner for a K1 […]